About Me
I live in Chicago with my amazing partner, our cool as hell son, and our many pets. I've been interested in film making and story telling since my best friend and I found his fathers giant VHS camcorder when we were kids and started making our own (very good and totally coherent) action movies.

I learned the basics of editing back then by using a VCR and editing tape-to-tape. I've kept on editing since then, but thankfully I have slightly better tools now.

My Work
I've been working professionally as an editor and motion designer since 2010. I enjoy editing a variety of project types including television, short films, marketing content, social media, ads, branded content, and sizzle reels.

I like to bring a playful and dynamic feel to my animation work, which includes motion graphics, explainer videos, title sequences, logo and UI animation, and some character animation work.

I bring my projects to life with Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and sometimes Blender/Cinema 4D. I also use a sketchbook when I'm not staring at a screen.